Below are some of my favorite RapCaviar videos and series I wrote and helped creative produce.

RapCaviar: The Documentaries

Documentaries paint portraits of an artist's story in music and beyond. Watch more here.

GoldLink and the Go Go Experience

GoldLink rehearses with Go Go band New Impressionz before his hometown show as they connect on the history, culture and impact of Go Go music on D.C.

Young M.A.: Our Story

Young M.A revisits her days playing youth football and hits the turf with the Brooklyn Mo Better Jaguars.

6LACK & Mild

6LACK's love for chicken wings is undeniable, especially his love for wings at Atlanta's American Deli. 6LACK gets behind the fryer at American Deli to make his own wings for fans.

LVRN: Kids Against Cubicles

LVRN (Love Renaissance) is an Atlanta-based management group and collective that artists 6LACK, DRAM, Spacejam Bo and Lou the Human call home. We learn about the beginnings and hustle that shaped their establishment. 

Tree Sound Studios

Legendary Tree Sound Studios is a solar-powered studio in Atlanta has been where greats from Elton John to Outkast and Drake have recorded at. There's no place like Tree Sound.

RapCaviar: Visualize - Producer Series

Producers take us through their process of creating the beats behind hip hop's biggest tracks. 

DJ Dahi on producing Kendrick Lamar's "XXX" featuring Bono

DJ Dahi breaks down how he produced Kendrick Lamar's "XXX." from his album DAMN.

ThankGod4Cody and Carter Lang on producing SZA's "Love Galore" featuring Travis Scott

ThankGod4Cody and Carter Lang share how they produced SZA's hit song "Love Galore" featuring Travis Scott from her album CTRL.

Teddy Walton on producing Kendrick Lamar's "LOVE." featuring Zacari

Teddy Walton shares how Kendrick Lamar ended up hopping on his beat for "LOVE." featuring Zacari from DAMN.

More Visualize videos available for streaming on Spotify:

RapCaviar: Puttin’ On For

Lesser known hip hop capitals are highlighted through the new artists carrying the torch for their cities.

Puttin’ On For: South Florida - Denzel Curry and the Rise of the Underground

Denzel Curry shares the story of his rise from the underground of Miami's Carol City, working with Metro Zu and joining the influential Raider Klan to put on for South Florida.

RapCaviar: FLOW

Artists spit an original freestyle, showcasing their bars and flow.

RapCaviar: FIRST

Artists share the memorable firsts, from their first job to their first breakout hit.