Welcome to my website: janeshin.co



Here's my first official blog post on my first official website that I've launched into the world today. It's a special day because it also coincides with the rare Super Blue Blood Moon. It's been a journey creating version one of janeshin.co.

It took months of thinking, avoiding, processing and planning before I finally committed to a deadline I set for myself. Sometime over the past few months, I had even reached out to Korean-Canadian politician Jane Shin if I could purchase her domain, janeshin.com. While she was kind enough to respond, she said she would only transfer the domain if I had funds that she could comfortably retire on. Alas, janeshin.co it is.

Please have a look around here and hit me up if anything sparks. If you think someone would benefit from learning about me or would find my work and words interesting, pass them a link.

I will be posting regularly here on the blog and/or cross-posting from/to tinyletter.com/janewave, which was a great starting space for me to find a rhythm to write semi-regularly and share my voice. As a reminder, I started on TinyLetter to document and share reflections and musings on self-care and music when I made the big leap back to LA after spending 10 years in the Bay Area.

In the tradition of sharing takeaways on almost all of my past posts (revisit them on the sidebar), here are some takeaways from this website creation process: 

  • Building something on my own is an incredibly rewarding experience. I may end up leaning on external help if I want to get more slick with my design down the road, but for now, using the tools I have to get this done feels great.
  • It was fun digging up my past work because I could see how the dots have connected overtime. The Universe reminds me that I'm right where I need to be, moving at the pace I need to move at.
  • I'm grateful for supportive friends who took the time to share their feedback and well wishes. Many thanks especially to my brilliant, talented friends who are incredible at what they do, beyond being phenomenal people in general:

More to write and share soon.

With gratitude,