Summertime musings

Happy July and Eclipse season,

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The first half of 2018 is over. I hope you're enjoying your summer. As I parse through old journal entries from earlier this year, I reflect on the following things:

  • What themes and learnings continue to arise since the start of the year?
  • What seeds am I ready to plant?
  • What old narratives must I let go?
  • How am I continuing to honor my voice and speak my truth?


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  • I turned 30 in June and celebrated this special milestone in Kauai with my best friends. Called The Garden Isle, Kauai is the perfect getaway, serene and lush. More pictures on my IG. I don’t take my youthfulness for granted, but I’m always happy to clear up confusion about how old I actually am and have no shame in sharing my age. I'm a mature, grown woman, thank you very much.
  • This year is already turning out to be a year where major shifts are occurring–more exploration of shadows, more growth illuminated, more meditation, prayer, pausing, breathing. Check out my mental health resources I've written about.
  • I’m hosting my first music showcase on August 9. I’ll be bringing out April + VISTA for their first headlining show in LA, along with Philly’s Ivy Sole and Brookyln band Bathe at Forecast Recordings in Arts District, DTLA. Tickets are available at If you're in the LA area, please come through and support these amazing independent artists.

Great reads

  • My talented friend and writer Tasbeeh Herwees' The Fader cover story of rapper Rico Nasty. Rico is an incredible force from the DMV, and I can't stop listening to her music. "G-g-g-goodness gracious, I might give a fuck on a rare occasion..."

  • The Creative Independent is a "growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people." Lots of learnings and nuggets of wisdom shared through excellent interviews with all kinds of creative people across the board. This resource is also available in Japanese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations.

Jane Shin's favorites in rotation

Here are my favorite, recent tunes in rotation as of late. I'll be continuing to update this playlist on the regular: